Shattering Through a Bad Glassdoor Review

Generally, a person is more likely to post a review about a company or product when they have had a negative experience with said company or product.  Sometimes, people go out of their way to leave glowing reviews online, but that is more exception than rule.

This phenomenon also applies to employees reviewing their current or former employers on job boards like Glassdoor. Research suggests that most online reviews of companies are accurate; however, it really doesn’t matter if the feedback is baseless or has merit – a streak of negative reviews can quickly become a huge problem for any brand looking to recruit new employees.  And, you should care because three quarters of job seekers research employers before applying for a position, and according to a recent CareerArc study, only one in five job seekers would consider working for a company with a 1-star rating.

Luckily, there are ways to counteract the sting of negative reviews.  The best way is to take into account the negative points reviewers make that are valid, and actively work on improving in those areas to evolve your culture and increase organizational effectiveness.  While this won’t erase bad reviews, if you make an effort to fix the problems, your employees will notice and those changes will inform future reviews.

A more immediate way to deal with negative reviews on Glassdoor is to respond to them from your company account.  But, this only works if you are willing to acknowledge your previous mistakes.  You DO want to let the reviewer know that you are sorry they had a poor experience, and that you are working to correct the situation in the future.  If possible, give an example of how you have already begun this process.  You DON’T want to tell the reviewer that they don’t know what they are talking about, are lying, or are just mad they did not get a promotion or were fired.  Any hint of talking to the reviewer in a condescending tone may validate their original post and reflect poorly upon your business.

If you feel as though a review is completely untrue and has been posted only to damage your brand, you can attempt to flag the post, and Glassdoor will determine whether the post can be removed.  This should ONLY be utilized in the case of actual defamatory remarks; developing a reputation among your employees (or potential employees) of removing negative Glassdoor posts can be even more harmful than leaving negative posts on the website.  You also shouldn’t get into the habit of deleting reviews from the past for the same reasons.  Plus, if you improve your culture over time, it will come and paint you as an up and coming company.

Dealing with negativity on the Internet can be very tricky, but it’s important to keep your cool and not lash out at those reviews. Take the high road when needed, and work to fix your real flaws.

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