Recruitment: Go Social or Go Home

It’s no secret that the Millennials and Generation Z, the newest wave of employees, are social media savvy.  But many businesses have little to no social media presence and don’t appear interested in changing that. That’s a big — and costly — mistake. So, why should your business become big on social media?

The answer lies in social proof, a core principle of persuasion and influence. People see a person’s followers, friends and connections, and correlate those numbers with their perceived power and authority. The greater perceived power, the greater credence you have. For businesses, the benefit of gaining a large number of followers on social media is not just to increase a seemingly arbitrary number: it’s to prove these vital points.

1.  Your business is a widely-known, important entity. If the notion that Millennials and Generation Z are impatient holds true, then you can’t afford to come off as a business that has a lot work to do to become a major player in your industry. Even if you really are just a startup, having a flashy and widespread social media presence gives you the chance to endear yourself to potential employees and customers more so than an established business that lacks an online presence. And, any business can become a social media powerhouse with capable marketers.

2.  Your business has energetic and passionate leadership. The more you tweet/connect/post on various social media outlets, the more potential employees and customers learn about your brand. Just through posting more often than not, you send the message that you are active, you care about your product, and you’re excited to share your ideas with the world.

3.  You are relatable and hip. Young employees don’t want to dread coming into work. They want to feel like they are hanging out with their friends, even at the office. Don’t be afraid to throw in some emojis and current lingo on social media — know the popular memes, hashtags, topics, and phrases that are dominating people’s iPhones and Androids. Make an effort for your posts to be shared/retweeted/favorited – all it takes are a few popular posts to start helping your brand spread exponentially.

If you are not familiar with it, social media can seem intimidating. However, it’s the way of the world in 2016 and beyond. Don’t comes across as afraid or disinterested – educate yourself; get yourself the right resources; and get social, and watch your business #slay the market and attract great #employees.

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