Read the Room and Recognize the Right Manager

There are many ways to reward employees for their impressive work. One of those options is to promote them to a managerial position, a decision that can have a mixed bag of results, depending on the employee.

It’s a classic scenario – an employee’s performance is spectacular, so you decide to promote them to a managerial position.  However, the skillset of the new managerial position is completely different than that of the job in which they excelled.  The fact is that not everyone is ‘manager material’ — even if someone is a hard-working employee and performs technical skills with perfection, he or she may not possess the “softer” qualities necessary to become an effective manager. It can be tricky trying to predict who will succeed as a manager, so here are five qualifies to look for in your employees when considering making this important decision.

Takes Interest in Others’ Success.  Arguably the most vital characteristic a manager should have is the desire to see their employees become successful. The best managers not only keep production levels high and also create opportunities for them to advance in their own careers. Someone who is eager to help other people whenever possible likely will be eager to put the staff before themselves in a managerial role.

Excels at Organization.  You don’t want to put someone who is forgetful and scatterbrained and a leadership position.  An employee who is consistently meets deadlines, keeps a neat desk and remembers small details will likely be able to handle the many administrative duties that come with being a manager. Even if someone is “effectively disorganized,” people tend to have more respect for an authority figure if the boss presents themselves as organized.

Stays Calm Under Pressure.  Managers deal many unexpected challenges and sometimes stressful deadlines. You want to ensure that the person who is responsible for overseeing these issues can handle the pressure that comes with them. Someone who can easily multitask and work on different projects at once without becoming overwhelmed is more manager-ready than a person who constantly stresses and complains about their daily work.

Enjoys Interacting with People.  You don’t have to be a social butterfly to become a great manager — but it certainly helps! A large part of managing a successful team involves building a rapport with staff members on an individual basis. A manager’s main job will often be to facilitate big decisions and lead, but fostering a positive work environment is important too, and that starts from the top. A person who gets along with most everyone in the office and goes out of their way to interact with others makes for a better manager of people than does a hermit.

Proven Track Record.  Someone who is going to oversee other people’s careers needs to have consistently excelled in their own career for at least a few years, usually more. An employee who is passionate about their job and holds ambitious goals is great, but if they don’t have the experience to go with those qualities, then they are a risk to put at the forefront of a company. People who get the job done day in and day out make the best managers — they aren’t necessarily always flashy, but the bottom line is that they produce solid work.

Finding someone who holds all of these qualities can be tough, so make sure to do your due diligence before promoting someone to a manager role — it’s not a decision you want to make in haste!

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