Outplacement: Downsizing Made Positive

For any organization, the term “downsizing” is a scary one, especially for employees who may be made redundant. No matter how the scenario plays out, down-sizing is rarely a positive experience for employees or employers. That said, there is a way that the process can be made easier for all parties; one that will allow employers a chance to provide support and alleviate negative PR while empowering employees to move on to other positions that will lead them to professional success.

Outplacement service can provide resources, connections, mediation, and assistance to employees and employers throughout the transition of downsizing. They offer resources for training and job hunting and can provide support to the organization such as dispersing severance pay to those employees that have been made redundant. Outplacement services are dynamic in their offerings to employees, but perhaps the most important thing they offer is the potential for emotional support. Because outplacement organizations are most often a third party, they offer a neutral party for your employee to go to for assistance, without fear of judgment for expressing frustration with the current organization. This emotional support can help to alleviate stress and make the job search process go more smoothly.

Many organizations offering outplacement services partner with for-profit and non-profit organizations to offer resources, access to office space, technology, and other support to employees transitioning out of the organization. For some this can mean knowledge about the current trends in the industry; it can be helpful to understand what other organizations are looking for and where employees have an opportunity to build their skills. Skill building is another aspect of outplacement service, these organizations can offer training, webinars, or simply the space to research and learn in a quiet, office environment.

Outplacement services can also provide assistance with CVs, resumes, and cover letters. When an employee has been loyal to your organization for an extended amount of time, they may be out of practice with the job-hunting game. Assistance with applications and the interview process can make all the difference in one’s ability to find their next organization and reach the success that they deserve. All-in-all, no matter what your reason for downsizing, Outplacement services are an investment in your employees’ future which is equally an investment in the mental health and satisfaction of current employees. When employees see that your organization cares about their peers, they are more likely to feel safe at work and remain loyal to your organization throughout the transition.

Finally, while the main goal of outplacement services is to provide your employees with emotional and practical support, it can also help to mitigate negative PR. No matter the reason, maintaining positive PR can be challenging through down-sizing, and employees are your best source of PR. Building a relationship with an organization that can provide quality outplacement services will empower employees, and reinforce (for them and for the public) the value you place on your employees. This will not only keep up morale but could make all the difference in maintaining positive PR throughout your organization’s transition.

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